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But – to say play? Hey, how to say, right here is the temple of light? Even light temple shrine in Astra care Zouiten as water is so revered, that does not match what was regarded as generally famous picturesque tourist destination bar. adidas originals kids Fei Yu looked faint smile, gently asked, sir, what you are really saying Yuer? Uh, no – smile shaking his head, looking around a little bit curious eyes that adidas originals kids gazelle 2 is a burst of frustration, was originally a walk around with a few girls, mainly companionship and adidas originals kids gazelle 2 separate long-Fei Yu Xin month, and, of course, is accompanied crescent familiar with her future period of time must be the place alone.

That vaguely, through all time and space, along the wind, blowing my ear, my heart. I know adidas originals kids shoes do not know, I know adidas originals kids gazelle 2 not hear, but I can not explain, because I myself do not know, is true? Not to mention that I am a temple on the day without a good impression, even if the existence of Lan children, can not relieve my right temple of light that seemed born hate, but I can not imagine how that faint calling me, would be in this place ? After wandering the edge of death several times, even hate, I was no longer floating on the surface, at least, in this temple of light, I will not expose hatred as ever, but I can still feel the bottom of my heart for bright temple disgust, has not been much reduced.

Last time it was attached to its owner on a flower tears drawn breath, the result is a certain justice excess heart as the robber Her Royal Highness? Fortunately, this time there are three girls in adidas originals kids gazelle 2 side, eyes closed, and only a short moment so it should be no longer make any rude things right? Uh, eyes closed, although the temple so indulged itself is a very rude thing. Perhaps the memory of the taste is good, but lost consciousness for anyone not what I’m afraid to be happy about, even if it is just a short moment, but also makes people feel very uncomfortable, not to mention the adidas originals kids gazelle 2, this not the first time.

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